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Our smile enhancing bridges provide a long-lasting solution to missing teeth. As well as looking great, they can also improve how you eat and speak, and prevent any remaining teeth from moving. They offer a fixed alternative to wearing dentures.

Conventional bridges consist of a false tooth set between two crowns, which fit over the teeth either side of a gap. We offer a variety of bridge types to suit different mouths, including bridges with metal or ceramic wings (requiring only minimal preparation of the supporting teeth), ‘porcelain bonded to metal’ bridges and highly aesthetic all-porcelain bridges.

What to expect

  • We fit conventional fixed bridges by first carefully shaping the teeth that sit either side of the gap.
  • We take impressions of the prepared teeth and the bridge is custom-made to fit your mouth.
  • A temporary restoration will protect the prepared teeth while you wait for your bridge to be made.
  • When ready, your specially designed bridge is checked for fit, adjusted (if necessary) and finally cemented into place.

Living with your bridge

Your natural teeth need to be healthy to provide strong support for your bridge, so make sure you keep them clean by sticking to an effective oral hygiene routine and paying particular attention to the area under the false tooth. This can be cleaned with super floss or special brushes known as interspace brushes. Your dentist or hygienist can give you further advice about maintaining your bridge.

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