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Our range of crowns provide complete coverage to enhance and strengthen damaged teeth. Often referred to as ‘caps’, they slot neatly over a tooth to conceal chips, discolouration or extensive fillings and are used on teeth that have had root canal treatment. They can also support a bridge or be fixed to a dental implant.

As well as improving the appearance of a tooth, crowns offer excellent protection for a broken or heavily filled tooth and are more durable than other restorations. We offer a variety of crowns including gold crowns for durability and biocompatibility, and porcelain crowns for a more aesthetic restoration.

What to expect

  • You may need an x-ray so we can ensure your tooth is suitable for crown placement.
  • We remove a layer of your tooth so the crown can be accommodated. It will also be given a slightly tapered shape to improve the crown’s stability when fixed in position.
  • We take an impression of the tooth and its neighbours and send this to a laboratory where your crown will be precisely produced.
  • While you wait for your new crown, your prepared tooth will be protected with a temporary restoration.
  • When ready, the crown is checked for fit and appearance, and finally cemented into place.

Living with your crown

After fitting, you will need to take care of your crown. Even though it is resistant to decay, the underlying tooth can still be vulnerable where the crown meets the gum line. That’s why it’s important to maintain good oral hygiene with plenty of brushing and flossing.

You will also need to see us regularly so we can continue to monitor your crown and the tooth underneath.

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