Fill the gap in your smile with a natural looking dental bridge

Our smile enhancing bridges provide a long-lasting solution to missing teeth.

As well as looking great, they can also improve how you eat and speak, and prevent any remaining teeth from moving. They also offer a fixed alternative to wearing dentures.

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Why have a bridge?

It is important to replace missing teeth in your smile, not just because it can really affect confidence.

Replacing teeth prevents the remaining teeth from shifting out of position, causing alignment issues. It also protects the otherwise vulnerable gums.

Bridges are a more secure alternative to partial dentures as they are fixed. We can also use a bridge in combination with implants to replace more than one missing tooth.

What does the treatment involve?

Living with your bridge

Your natural teeth need to be healthy to provide strong support for your bridge, so make sure you keep them clean by sticking to an effective oral hygiene routine and paying particular attention to the area under the false tooth.

This can be cleaned with super floss or special brushes known as interspace brushes. Your dentist or hygienist can give you further advice about maintaining your bridge.

Frequently asked questions
1 How do I look after my bridge?

You need to clean your bridge every day to prevent problems such as bad breath and gum disease. You also have to clean under the false tooth every day. Your dentist or hygienist will show you how to use special floss, as a normal toothbrush cannot reach.

2 Are bridges expensive?

Although a bridge may seem costly they can be a wise investment that will give many years of good service. It will also improve your appearance and bite. A bridge uses the considerable skill of the dentist and technician, and in this way, it’s similar to ordering a piece of hand-made jewellery.

3 How long do dental bridges last?

If bridges are well looked after, and that includes keeping the surrounding teeth healthy so they can continue to provide a solid foundation, they should last for over ten years.

4 Are there any alternatives to bridges for replacing missing teeth?

The main alternatives to bridges for replacing missing teeth are partial dentures and dental implants. Bridges are seen as a more secure alternative to partial dentures, as they are fixed into place and will not move or slip. Implants are seen as superior in durability and aesthetics but are more expensive. Bridges can be used in combination with implants to replace more than one missing tooth.

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