For highly efficient and traditional teeth straightening

Fixed braces are a very effective treatment option to straighten teeth and address a range of orthodontic issues.

At Wigston Dental Care we use the Insignia brace system, which combines the precision of digital smile design and the reliability and efficiency of traditional brackets and archwires.

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What are fixed braces?

Fixed braces are a time-tested and reliable orthodontic solution designed to correct various dental misalignments effectively.

Consisting of brackets and wires that are affixed to the teeth, these braces work to gradually shift and align the teeth over time. They are a versatile option capable of addressing a wide range of orthodontic issues, including crowded teeth, gaps, overbites, underbites, and more complex dental alignment problems.

Insignia Braces

At Wigston Dental Care, we use the Insignia fixed braces system to help you achieve your ideal smile.

It stands out for its precision and customisation, offering a highly personalised approach to teeth straightening. The Insignia system uses advanced 3D imaging technology to create custom brackets and wires uniquely tailored to your clinical needs.

This customised approach ensures a more accurate treatment, optimising the movement of the teeth for a faster and more precise outcome. The Insignia system's tailored approach, combined with traditional fixed braces, results in a more comfortable and efficient teeth straightening process, providing you with a streamlined journey towards achieving a perfectly aligned, radiant smile.

Key benefits of Insignia fixed braces

Fixed braces are an ideal appliance to treat more complex orthodontic problems such as severe overcrowding or a significantly increased overjet or overbite.

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What is involved in having braces fitted?

The treatment process typically involves a series of steps, beginning with an initial consultation and assessment with our team. Subsequently, we will create a customised treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

An impression of your mouth and teeth will be taken and then a 3D version of your smile will be created. From this 3D imaging, bespoke wires and brackets are made that fit your teeth perfectly.

When your brackets are ready, we carefully bond them to your teeth. We see you regularly during your treatment to ensure your teeth are moving gradually into their desired positions as planned, making small adjustments where necessary.

When your treatment is complete, we remove your fixed braces, ultimately revealing your beautifully aligned smile and improved dental function.

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Frequently asked questions
1 How do I clean my teeth with fixed braces fitted?

During fixed brace treatment, you must pay close attention to your dental hygiene. In addition to regular brushing every morning and at bedtime we also advise brushing after every meal. This will prevent any food lingering around your braces which can lead to gum issues and enamel damage. You can use interdental brushes to clean any awkward areas. Disclosing tablets will reveal where you might need to carry out some extra cleaning.

2 Do I need to avoid certain foods while wearing fixed braces?

There are some foods which you should avoid eating while wearing braces. You could dislodge or damage your brace if you bite down on hard or chewy foods, so try to cut up harder items or avoid altogether. It is also advisable to avoid sugary drinks and sticky sugary confectionery.

3 Are metal fixed braces painful?

You may experience some soreness or discomfort in the first few days after your fixed braces have been fitted, and each time they are adjusted. This can be managed with painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen and will be temporary. You may also find one of the metal brackets or wire irritates your gum. If this is the case, you can place wax over the bracket to make it feel more comfortable in your mouth. If pain persists, please contact us.

4 Can my metal fixed braces be removed?

As the name suggests, metal fixed braces cannot be removed once they are fitted to your teeth. This means they are always at work moving your teeth into their desired positions and your treatment cannot be interrupted by forgetting to put aligners back in your mouth. Once your treatment is complete, we will carefully remove the brackets and wires for you.

5 Will metal fixed braces damage my teeth?

Metal fixed braces will not damage the enamel of your teeth. They are carefully placed at the start of your treatment and removed at the end to ensure your teeth are unaffected. It is important that you keep up with a good oral hygiene routine at home, including using interdental brushes, to prevent tooth decay and discolouration.

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