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Our natural-looking veneers are placed securely on the front of a tooth to hide all sorts of imperfections including discolouration, cracks and small gaps. Crafted from porcelain or a composite material, these shell-like veneers can be fitted with only minimal preparation to the underlying tooth.

What to expect

  • Having veneers placed requires at least two visits.
  • If you are having multiple veneers, we can see how they will eventually look by waxing-up the shape of your new teeth on study models of your mouth.
  • If necessary, we remove a very thin layer of the tooth so the veneer will fit beautifully.
  • We take an impression of the tooth and send to a lab so a tailor-made veneer can be produced.
  • When ready, we etch the tooth so the veneer will adhere and then, after any necessary adjustments, we will fix it neatly into place.

Living with your veneer

Good oral hygiene and regular check-ups will ensure your veneer provides a long-term cosmetic answer to unsightly teeth.

Despite being a hardwearing restoration, your veneer can be vulnerable if not treated with a little care. Try to avoid nibbling your fingernails or biting down on hard food or other objects, and definitely don’t open anything using your teeth.

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