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At Wigston Dental Care, we are proud to use state-of-the-art digital technology and techniques across our practice.

We help you achieve the best result possible for your healthy and beautiful smile.

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Digital scanning

Digital scanning has revolutionised the way we take images of your mouth, removing the need for messy and uncomfortable impressions. At Wigston Dental Care, our wireless Dexis 3800 scanner can create a highly accurate image of your teeth in just minutes, helping with our diagnosis and allowing you to better understand your need for treatment.

The digital scanner is particularly useful in cosmetic and restorative cases. The superior level of detail it provides means custom items such as clear aligners or whitening trays can be made faster and with an accurate and precise fit. In teeth straightening cases, we can even show you your predicted new smile before your treatment even starts!

Intraoral camera

Our intraoral camera is invaluable for our detailed assessment of your mouth, and helps us give a highly accurate diagnosis, where needed. It can be used to look at the areas of your mouth that are otherwise hard to reach, enabling us to spot any dental issues that may be present.

We can also use the intraoral camera to take high quality pictures of your teeth and gums, which can be used to help you understand the issues present and the treatment needed.

Digital x-rays

We use state-of-the-art and completely safe digital x-rays in our practice. They have a far superior quality and clarity, revealing even the tiniest of imperfections in the teeth, which may otherwise have been missed. We can treat dental issues sometimes before they become a more complex problem, saving you time and pain.

With digital, the x-rays are available to view immediately, giving us the best picture of your mouth and what is going on under your gums. The x-ray can be adjusted or even taken again if necessary, without the need for another appointment.

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