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Why should I have hygiene treatment?

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Steps to your healthy smile
Detailed assessment

A thorough look at your teeth and gums to detect any signs of gum disease

A professional clean

Build-ups of plaque and tartar are removed with a precise scale and polish

Maintain your healthy smile

Helpful personalised tips and advice for you to keep up your hygiene care at home

Hygiene services at Wigston Dental Care

At Wigston Dental Care, we’re dedicated to giving you the very best foundations for a healthy smile for life. There are so many reasons to choose us for your dental hygiene treatment.

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Spread the cost of your preventive care

At Wigston Dental Care, we focus on preventive dentistry and believe regular routine appointments are the key to your healthy smile.

We are pleased to offer Denplan payment options, giving you the chance to spread the cost of your routine dental care into manageable monthly instalments. Taking care of your oral health could be easier than you think! Talk to us about Denplan today.

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Why are hygiene appointments important?

Regular hygiene visits play a key part in your preventive care, keeping your oral health in good condition and preventing gum disease and other issues.

While you can do a lot of the work at home when it comes to removing plaque and bacteria from your teeth, a dental hygienist is best placed to carry out a professional deep clean, accessing hard-to-reach areas.

The symptoms of gum disease can be very mild, so you may not even know it is there until you have a hygiene appointment. Your hygienist is able to carry out careful treatment to catch it before it worsens and puts your oral health further at risk. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to inflammation of the gums and a more severe stage of the condition, known as periodontitis. This can not be reversed, and needs to be managed by our expert hygienist to prevent tooth loss. As gum disease also has links to health conditions including diabetes and heart disease, keeping your gums as healthy as possible will also benefit your overall health.

What can I expect from hygiene treatment?

At Wigston Dental Care, we provide a range of hygiene services to help prevent gum disease and keep your mouth healthy. These include preventive care, the promotion of good oral hygiene, treatment of gum disease, and deep cleaning, often known as root surface debridement. If your gum disease has progressed, we can also offer full mouth non-surgical periodontal treatment under local anaesthetic.

Your hygiene treatment is completely tailored to your individual needs and requirements, in order to give you the best results and optimum oral health. We take time to explain to you what your treatment will involve, and demonstrate how to use dental cleaning aids, including interdental brushes, to maximise how well you can clean your teeth at home.

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Frequently asked questions
1 Does dental hygiene treatment hurt?

You may experience some discomfort during the scale and polish part of your hygiene treatment, but this does not last long. We make sure you are comfortable and relaxed before we begin, and will stop so you can have a break if you need us to. If you are feeling nervous before your treatment, please let us know so we can tailor our care.

2 What is gum disease?

Gum disease is caused by deposits of plaque – the sticky, bacteria-filled substance that builds up daily on the surface of our teeth. If this is not regularly removed, it can lead to inflammation of the gums, which can develop into advanced gum disease, known as periodontitis. This condition cannot be reversed, only managed, and, if left untreated, can lead to wobbly teeth and even tooth loss.

3 How often should I have a hygiene appointment?

The amount of hygiene appointments you need per year depends on the condition of your teeth and gums and varies from person to person. Many patients have a hygiene appointment every six months, but your hygienist may advise you to leave a shorter or longer gap before your next appointment. If you are a Denplan member, your regular hygiene appointments are included within this.

4 Can I see the hygienist without going to the dentist first?

You can see our dental hygienist without having to be referred by your dentist, although many patients prefer to book their check up appointments at the same time. If you want to make sure your teeth and gums are in great shape, we welcome you to book a hygiene appointment.

5 Will my dental hygiene appointment whiten my teeth?

The aim of your dental hygiene appointment is not to whiten your teeth. However, you may find they appear brighter and more youthful-looking after a deep professional clean has removed plaque and tartar build ups. If you are interested in teeth whitening treatment, please get in touch.

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