We are here to help with fast emergency dentistry in Wigston

If you have a dental emergency and need urgent treatment from our expert, experienced and supportive team, call us as soon as possible for appointments and advice.

Call us on 0116 281 2935.

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Why choose Wigston Dental Care in an emergency?Call us - 0116 281 2935
We are here to help!

Dental emergencies can be particularly distressing, but we are here to offer a helping hand - whether you are an existing patient or completely new to our practice.

If you have a problem requiring immediate attention, call us as soon as possible on 0116 281 2935 and we will do our very best to see you as soon as we can. Please give the receptionist as much information as possible so we can allocate sufficient time for the appointment and fully prepare the dentist. New or private patients can book their emergency appointment online. A small deposit will be required to secure the online booking, which contributes toward the cost of treatment.

Out-of-hours emergency call-outs

If your emergency occurs when our practice is closed, and you need immediate care, private and Denplan patients can call our emergency number, 07712 836139, out-of-hours and on weekends only. NHS patients should call 111.

Private patients

For private patients, the emergency call-out fee is £185. We will then assess what dental treatment you require, which will incur an additional charge. If outside normal practice opening hours, please call 07712 836139

Denplan patients

Emergency call-outs are included as a benefit for Denplan patients, who have supplementary insurance. The Denplan emergency helpline number is 0800 844 999, but you should be able to seek help from our emergency number (07712 836139) when our practice is closed.

If you are 40 miles or more from your registered dentist when an emergency occurs, you can see an alternative dentist for advice or temporary emergency treatment (up to your policy limits). If you call the Denplan Emergency Helpline (0800 844 999), they will help you arrange an appointment with a suitable dentist. Remember to keep your receipt and send it to Denplan along with a claim form for reimbursement (up to policy limits). You can find a claim form at www.denplan.co.uk.

If you are abroad when an emergency occurs, you can see any dentist and be covered for necessary temporary emergency treatment (up to your policy limits). As Denplan does not have registered dentists overseas, we suggest you ask hotel staff, your tour operator representative or anyone who knows the local area, if they can recommend a dentist. If you need help or advice, call Denplan’s 24-Hour Worldwide Emergency Helpline on +44 1962 844 999. Make sure you retain your receipt following any temporary treatment so you can claim the money back when you return home. You can find a claim form at www.denplan.co.uk.

NHS patients

Outside of surgery hours, please call 111 and follow the advice and guidance given.

What should I do in a dental emergency?
1 If your tooth is knocked out

If your front tooth is knocked out, you should call us immediately to book an emergency appointment. Ideally, this appointment should be within an hour of the incident or at least on the same day. While waiting for your appointment, make sure you hold the tooth by the crown (the part that is usually visible in your mouth) and not by the root (the pointed bottom part) as touching the root can damage the cells that help reattach the tooth to the bone.

Gently rinse the tooth for ten seconds under cold running water to remove any dirt and debris, but be careful not to scrub it. The tooth should be kept moist so try to place it in your mouth between the cheek and gum (not recommended for young children as they may swallow it). Alternatively, put the tooth in a clean container and cover with milk until your appointment. The dentist may then try to put your tooth back into position. A baby tooth should not be reinserted as it could damage the underlying tooth.

2 If your crown or bridge falls out

If a crown or bridge comes out, just keep hold of it until you can see your dentist. If you can’t wait, some pharmacies sell temporary dental cement or filling material, which you can use to stick your crown back into place. Please do NOT use superglue!

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