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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy (endodontics) is used to prevent infection from spreading and save a tooth from extraction. The inner part of the tooth, the pulp, may have become infected due to decay, a deep filling or trauma. Root canal treatment removes the affected pulp and reseals the tooth to help keep it protected.

Root canal treatment is preferable to having an extraction as it can save your natural tooth and therefore help to preserve your jaw bone. It is usually more cost-effective to have root canal treatment rather than have a tooth extracted and then replaced with a bridge or dental implant

Though often considered to be a painful procedure, root canal therapy is actually rather similar to having a normal filling as it is performed under local anaesthetic.

What to expect

  • We isolate the tooth with a rubber sheet (known as a rubber dam) to keep it dry.
  • An access hole is created, the infected pulp removed and the area cleaned with an anti-bacterial solution.
  • We seal the cleaned canals to prevent further infection.
  • The functionality and shape of the tooth are restored with a permanent filling or crown. If it is a back tooth, a crown or onlay will be needed quite soon after the root canal treatment.
  • Root canal treatments can usually be carried out during just one visit or you may need two appointments, depending on the condition of the tooth.

Living with your endodontically treated tooth

To ensure your tooth remains healthy, book regular appointments with us. Routine monitoring and the maintenance of good oral hygiene habits will help keep the tooth and the surrounding gum clean.

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